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The Congregation of the Nuns "Daughters of Nazareth", which is of pontifical right, was founded by Father Agostino from Montefeltro O.F.M. in Pisa in 1893; it follows the Rules of the Secular Franciscan Order of Saint Francis and witnesses in the Church the Gospel, fulfilling with simplicity and purity of spirit the profession of the religious condition.


The Daughters of Nazareth live according to the sequence of Christ and give glory to God throughout their sanctification, professing the three evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience, observing the rule of the Secular Order of St. Francis and the  Constitution of the Nuns "Daughters of Nazareth".


The Institute fulfils in the Church its apostolic mission throughout the assistance of the poors, the Christian and civil education and the education of the children and the young people in the nursery and elementary schools, the recreation after school hours, the university hostels, assisting the old people in the rest-home and helping the priest in the parish activities.


Patron Saint of the Institute is the Sacred Family. The protectors: the Immaculate Virgin Mary, Patron saint of the Franciscan Order, the Patriarch Saint Joseph, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Elisabeth of Hungary. 


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