Father Agustine of Montefeltro

Father Augustine of Montefeltro

Founder of the Sisters Daughters of Nazareth

In the second half of the 19th century the Church had as its son, the great speaker Father Agustine of Montefeltro of the Franciscan order. People talked about him in the religious and political places, in the society, in the squares and even in the Parliament. Father Agustine, however, lived on this Earth not only as a speaker but also he was famous with his works of charity.


Father Agustine was born in S. Agata Feltria in the province of Pesaro. His parents were Giovanni Battista Vicini and Orsola Mariani. He was born on 1st March, 1839 and he was called Luigi in his childhood. His family was numerous and well-off, peace, love and religion reigned in that family. Luigi spent a happy childhood life, and he was a lively, happy and intelligent child of the parents.


Little boy Luigi, entered the seminary of Pennabilli in November 1857 and on 21st December 1861 Msgr. Mariotti ordained him as a minister of God with the dispensation because he was only 22  years old. After a religious crisis he repented and Father Luigi rose again stronger and stronger.


After the Solemn Profession he dedicated all his time to the apostolate of the preaching according to the Franciscan spirituality. From the first little village his fame flied fast and the main cities competed with each other to have him as preacher: Perugia, Bologna, Torino, Pisa, Milan, Rome. The most beautiful page in the history of Father Agustine is, however, that of his big heart: the charity and social engagement is not only the founding of the "Poor orphan House" and the Church in Marina of Pisa. He founded also the Scuole Normali of Pisa (1887), the night shelter for the homeless to whom he never let them want a bed, a hot soup and clean underwear.


In 1893 Father Agustine founded the Congregation of the Sisters "Daughters of Nazareth", Franciscan, to whom communicated His spirit in order to have people which corresponded to his educational ideals.


In 1921 after years of sacrifice, fully lucid, comforted by the blessing of the Pope, surrounded by the Sons of S. Francesco and by his nuns, the 5th April he died. So the great Franciscan speaker, the hero of the charity, in love with God and with humans, ended his life.


175th Birth Day

Fr. Agostino da Montefeltro




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